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Our new favorite book about Berlin

It you find a great book, you always want to share it with others. Therefore we created a little book review series here on our blog to let you know what we are reading at the moment and what books we love to recommend. „Berlin“ from Distanz Verlag is one of those great finds. It’s a book filled with insider tips on where to shop, eat and what to discover in this amazing and inspiring city.

We have been to Berlin last October and loved it. We wished we had the book with us at the time, but at least seeing all this great tips is a reason to plan our next Berlin trip as soon as possible. We can’t wait!

Where to find inspiration?

When you work in the creative industry and you have a lot of busy work to do, it’s often difficult to keep being inspired. You need to come up with new, creative ideas and projects on a daily basis and that can be quite stressful. Also the internet is full with brilliant creative projects and ideas and it all can become a little bit overwhelming at times.

Therefore we have collected a few useful tips for everyone to keep being inspired in your own, unique creativity. Weiterlesen

A Little Ceramic Exhibition

I never put much thoughts into ceramic, until we visited Japan a couple of years ago. Oh, I totally forgot how beautiful ceramics can be and what a true artwork ceramic art is. At first you always think practical, just a plate or a cup to use every day. But if you think about it, plates and cups are items we use every single day, mostly multiple times.

So why not surround yourself with beautiful, individual artwork instead of mainstream uncreative items from Ikea or so. And intead if having a ton of plates and things in the kitchen you don’t really use at all. You can only have a few items, but then they can be really special for you and you can keep them for a long time. Weiterlesen

How we stay happy as a team

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Zeitreise Text Styles

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